Understand and Troubleshoot IPTV, IP Videoconferencing and HD Telepresence performance

IP based video systems are becoming an important part of our daily lives, with digital cable systems, IPTV services, streaming video to cellphones and PCs. This site is a resource for anyone interested in the quality and performance of IPTV, IP Videoconferencing and HD Telepresence systems.

You will find helpful information on how these systems work, on typical issues and problems, technologies for measuring performance, troubleshooting and diagnosing problems and application notes.  Any comments or suggestions for improving the site would be welcome. We are also willing to consider adding relevant product advertisements and white papers/ datasheets related to IPTV and Video test tools.


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Telchemy ships SQlive, a unique set-top box based software agent for IPTV service quality monitoring


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